Planning / Building Approvals

This stage involves the preparation and coordination of information required for submissions to achieve planning and building approval using either a Development Application (DA) + Construction Certificate (CC) or Complying Development Certificate (CDC) pathway.

Standard Services:

Record the Client's agreement to proceed with this stage of work.

Organise, attend and record project meetings

Confirm best pathway for the project and subsequent requirements for submissions

Coordinate consultant information and reports

Complete a BASIX assessment

Prepare sun shadow diagrams

Prepare waste management report

Incorporate all relevant information into documentation

Finalise architectural plans, elevations and sections with notes and dimensions

Assist client with planning/building application process by completing relevant forms andconfirming fees to be paid

Assist client to lodge DA, CC or CDC

Possible Additional Services:

Living Building Challenge Certification work

Passive House Certification work

Prepare a Statement of Environmental Effects

Prepare a Clause 4.6 Application