Design development

This stage involves the development of the design to realise the potential of the project while being shaped by the feedback from the client and the wider team of consultants and builder/cost consultant.

Standard Services:

Record the Client's agreement to proceed with this stage of work.

Organise, attend and record project meetings

Review response from clients to Schematic Design

Identify, appoint and coordinate consultants

Identify, appoint and coordinate builder (see Stage 5 Builder Selection) or cost consultant

Collaborate with consultants and builder and review design in light of their input

Test design against brief, sustainability ideas, and council requirements

Review and confirm Client's budget with builder or cost consultant

Undertake preliminary selection of materials

Develop design using the 3D CAD model

Produce all required drawings

Undertake one counter or pre-DA meeting with Council if required

Finalise design development

Possible Additional Services:

Living Building Challenge Certification work

Passive House Certification work

Develop 3D CAD model for client to be able to "walk through"

Undertake Sefaira modelling

Undertake LCA modelling