Contract administration

This stage involves administering the contract between the client and the builder in a fair and impartial manner to ensure the design is properly realised in the built form up to and including practical completion.

Possible services:


Record the Client's agreement to proceed with this stage of work.

Site visits

Arrange and attend site meetings

Minute discussions and send out



Assess progress claims during a site visit

Issue progress certificates

Hourly rates for assessing all receipts or invoices in cost plus contracts


General administration

Provide the client with regular reports regarding time, cost and progress

Provide supplementary details and information as required

Provide instructions to clarify the design intent as required

Administer variations to the contract (including any additional work) and obtain client approval

Arrange and attend meetings additional to site meetings as required

Assess and approve claims for extensions of time

Confirm prime cost and provisional sums

Co-ordinate consultants


Practical Completion

Co-ordinate practical completion

Complete inspection of building during defects liability period

Co-ordinate the issue of a final certificate


Possible Additional Services:

Living Building Challenge Certification work

Passive House Certification work