Builder selection + Negotiation

This stage involves assisting the client to find a suitable builder for the project. Ideally, the appointment of the builder will occur early in the process to encourage them to help form and participate in a project team.

Possible Services:


Record the Client's agreement to proceed with this stage of work.

Organise, attend and record project meetings

Selecting builders

Confirm criteria for selection of builder with client.

Identify potential builders from pre-screened PIDCOCK list and recommendations from client

Check licencing of builders is up to date.

Approach if Builder to be part of Design / Documentation team (done in St 2 or St 3)

Set up and attend meetings with client and appropriate builders

Confirm most suitable builder to work with

Confirm arrangements for working as part of team.

Confirm how realistic initial budget is

Confirm timing for design meetings for builder to attend

Confirm methods for working as part of the team

Confirm information that will be required for pricing to be done and timing for this to be delivered

Confirm rates and fees that will contribute to the contract sum

Confirm process for what will happen if the project does not proceed or relationships do not work out

Assess submitted prices from builder


Approach for tender situation

Confirm number of builders to participate in tender

Send letter outlining conditions along with full documentation, including documents from all consultants

Respond to queries from tenderers and ensure responses are sent to all

Assess and compare submitted prices, timing and conditions from tenderers

Meet with client to discuss outcome and confirm way forward

Negotiate with tenderers as required


Adapting design

If budget and pricing are not aligned after tenders come in and design needs to be adjusted, time for design and documentation to address this will be done at hourly rates.



Assist Client in selection of appropriate contract type.

Agree contract schedule and special conditions

Organise for copies of drawings, specifications and contracts.

Organise signing of contract.