Sustainability advice

We are interested in extending the benefits of our experience and resources to as wide a range of people as possible.

Pre design

To consider the viability of the project prior to commencing.

Schematic design

To collaboratively work with the client to prepare initial design approaches that creatively address the opportunities and constraints of the project.

Design development

To build an appropriate team for the ongoing project, and engage the team in the development of the design in accordance with feedback from the client.

Planning / Building Approvals

To prepare and coordinate the information required for submissions to achieve planning and building approval.


To prepare and coordinate documentation required to confirm the detailed design of the building envelope and interiors.

Builder selection + Negotiation

To assist the client to find and appoint a suitable builder for the project. Ideally, the appointment of the builder will occur early in the process.

Contract administration

To administer the contract between the client and the builder in a fair and impartial manner to ensure the design is properly realised in the built form.


To assist clients to create an appropriate and sustainable framework for their developments.