I've known Caroline since she was a student of Architecture at the University of Sydney and has been a close friend for over 30 years. There are not many friends who can also live through house renovations, however Caroline and my family are now doing our 3rd together and as with the last 2 I am looking forward to the ideas, focus on outcomes and creativity her practice delivers.

They understand our family and our needs.  They have strong principles in design and sustainable outcomes which we enjoy being challenged by. We wouldn't trust our biggest asset, our home with anyone else.

Michael and Liz, Manly


We turned to Pidcock after terminating our first architect. We felt that he was not listening to us and imposing his own ideas on us. He did not care too much about sustainability or any impact on our neighbours.

Our experience with Pidcock was completely different with a real "team" feel that was focused on our needs and blended with sustainable practices to realise them. We loved the fact that Pidcock involved the builders and other trades at an early stage. This created great collaboration and saved a lot of heartache (and money).

We have been in the house for a few years now and enjoy the design from the moment we get up (hello sun shine!) to the day (inside-out connection) and late afternoon (hello late afternoon sun shine!). The practical use of space and ever changing play of light continues to delight us, as we hoped good architecture would! Thank you Caroline and team!

Cath and Sieger, Lane Cove

We told her what we wanted to do and she listened. We gave her our ideas and she and her team, came back with some concepts, Caroline seemed to understand what we wanted and came up with a house we could live in.

She and her team worked with us and the builders, she came up with answers to problems and Caroline came to the council to help get the design through.

She was always there to help and if not, one ( or more) of the team would help.

She has been to site and given advice along the way. she listened to US when we asked for a green house and did not give us "green wash" she and her team know the what is happening in the real world.

When we started we were one of the first to ask for a Green  ECO  Build, and it was hard to find some one who understands and was willing to put up with me as a owner builder. We had a look at what she had designed, went to some finished houses, and spoke to others in the industry.

I count Caroline as a friend now, I enjoyed working with her and her team, and if I was asked I would highly recommend her, for her ideas, contacts and dedication to our project.

Natalie and Laurence, Leichhardt


We chose Caroline as our architect after a telephone conversation and a visit to her office to be sure that she would be the right choice. We were about to build our first architect designed house...

Caroline asked us to call and discuss with her and we travelled down from Scone to see her. She then came to see us at Minnie Water in the house [later demolished] to have a more detailed discussion and for her to view the site.

We later went for a walk while she was left alone to do some sketches. On our return we found she had interpreted our wishes perfectly and had produced a lovely water-coloured sketch and sketched plan. I said-"we will have one of those please!"

After a period of a few months and further visits to her office with a copious exchange of emails, the plans were finished. There were very few changes in the plans after that and we found a local builder in whom we had such confidence... He was used to working in a constructive relationship with architects and engineers to build houses that were durable and waterproof. Minnie Water gets horizontal rain and very strong winds at times and its location on the waterfront requires marine grade stainless steel fixings and fittings.

The result of Peter's build satisfied Caroline's expectations and ours.

It is inexpensive to run. We plan to fit TESLA storage batteries in due course as we produce more power than we can use from our photovoltaic cells. We may install more cells if that is feasible. The house is very liveable and we would only make a few minor changes if we had to do it all again.

David and Neroli, Minnie Water


Pidcock was able to turn around a project that was heading in the wrong direction and create a design that utilised very effectively the complex aspects of the site, achieving strong sustainability outcomes as well as maintaining a focus on the budget

I always harboured ambitions to have strong sustainability characteristics in the new building hence Pidcock was the obvious choice of architect.

Michael and Lisa, Paddington