We have  undertaken a  post occupancy evaluation on four of our clients homes, The main aim being to better understand how our designs are working in reality, and help our clients (and others) better understand how these issues can impact on resource consumption and comfort.

We are  looking to display the information we gather anonymously on this page in an informative way that would enable those reading it to better understand the issues that can effect power and water consumption and the resultant comfort in your home. We will also table a range of ideas for how to improve your home's performance.


Energy use:
 2690 [kW]       Water use: 87 [kL]

Energy use: 3316 [kW]

Energy use:
 4109 [kW]       Water use: 161 [kL]

  • Ryde 2 Adults, 3 Children

Energy use: 8260 [kW]         Water use: 487 [kL]