SHD 2015 a great success!

With beautiful blue skys and lovely warm temperatures, Sustainable House Day 2015 had perfect conditions for success. Coupled with a chocolate festival and interest in the new Barangaroo Park, there were plenty of people in Millers Point to drop in to see Caroline and John's sustainable home.

We had lots of wonderful volunteers (thanks Craig Hayman, Bob Hutchinson, Susan Morrison, Phyllis Ho, Charles Adderley, and Fergal White!) and a huge array of visitors. Some had clearly planned to come along while others found us as they wandered around the area. All enjoyed hearing of the ideas we had explored and challenges we had met. Most importantly, the wonderful benefits of a suatainable home were clearly on display.

Well done to the ATA and all the sponsors in making this happen.


You can download our specifications and drawings here.

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