Caroline's home update Sept 14

We had hoped to be at a stage where the house was more complete and safe or others to walk through and review. Sadly this is not the case. The wet weather of th last couple of weeks has slowed progress considerably...

The good news is that the work that has been done is great, and we are more than delighted with how things are looking. A semi functioning kitchen this weekend is really exciting - I am looking forward to a roast dinner tonight for the first time in many months!

We are especially happy with the colour scheme for outside. While no part of the house is complete, there are enough spaces to see how it will look when finished. Relevant, refined and enduring!


Our new kitchen - made wholly from Brig River Group blackbutt plywood - is looking really wonderful. And the space that connects with our dining room is going to be wonderful to use.



We are loving our new bathroom, that is near the bedroom and internally accessd. The small mercies of modern life can be better appreciated after a time without!


And finally - the rear yard is opening up with the prospect of a beautiful food producing, north facing garden looming large.


So - lots more work to be done, but the end is in sight. The builders - Darryn and Craig from Your Abode and their great sub-contractors - are doing a terrific job. The care they are taking with the work and active involvement to try and salvage and reuse as much as possible is contributing greatly to what will be a wonderful home for us to live in.

Watch this space for more advancements this month!

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Posted Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at 6:05:46 PM

Looking great, timber work especially on kitchen doors, etc is looking nice!

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