A Cool Future for Melbourne

On Monday 26 May, 2014 Caroline was one of 4 speakers asked to consider what "A cool future for a hot Melbourne" might look like. This was the third seminar in the Creating a Better Future for Melbourne series.


The outline for the talk was:

"If metropolitan Melbourne is to successfully transition to become a low-carbon city and become more resilient to the impacts of changing climatic conditions then we will need to rethink how we plan and design our city now and in the future. Designing our buildings, neighbourhoods and suburbs to adapt to and mitigate against the adverse impacts of climate change - be it, more days of extreme temperatures, rising sea levels around our coastline, more floods or more bushfires - requires effective action at the local, metropolitan and state-wide  levels."


To listen to Caroline's talk click HERE .

Caroline was joined by:

Professor Dave Griggs, Chief Executive Officer, ClimateWorks Australia, Director Monash Sustainability Institute and Professor Monash University

Kirsty Albion, National Co-Director, Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Professor Rob Adams AM, Director of City Design, City of Melbourne


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