Caroline's Living Hero Award

For the past seven and a half years, the Living Building Challenge has inspired significant change in how buildings are designed, built, rehabbed and operated. In addition to the six projects that have been all or partially certified under the Challenge, there are more than 200 projects in the works around the world demonstrating possibilities for the built environment.

These successes are the result of tireless efforts made by individuals who not only have adopted the the Living Building Challenge, but have also profoundly demonstrated how its principles can be used to rethink business as usual. These individuals have nurtured the Living Building Challenge as a movement - locally, regionally, nationally and internationally and have lead by example.

in 2014 at the the International Living Future Institute's unConference in Portland Oregan, the organisation honored six people with a Living Building Hero Award for their tremendous efforts to help pave the way to a restorative future. 1 of these people was Caroline Pidcock - recognised for her efforts in establishing the Living Future Institute Australia and promoting the inspirational Living Building Challenge as a framework for a positive future.

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