ATA Speed-Dating

Caroline and Fergal took part in "Speed Date a Sustainable Expert" on Saturday 14th June in Paddington Town Hall. The event was organised by the not-for-profit Alternative Technology Association (ATA) and sponsored by the City of Sydney. These events are held throughout the year in various Sydney locations and allow people who are thinking about building or renovating the chance to explore sustainable design options with architects or designers who are expert in this field.

ATA_Speed_DatePhoto Credit: ATA

....and of course, I should mention that it is FREE..

Each "date" lasts 13 minutes and people are free to bring plans, sketches, laptops, tabs or even just photos and a good story! You read through the menu of available experts, choose one, introduce what project you would like to take on and get free professional advice on how best to go about it.

These events are becoming more and more popular and tend to get booked out so it is best to plan in advance and keep your ear to the ground for the next event.

Check out the "Speed Date a Sustainability Expert" website by clicking HERE.

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