Top 10 building megatrends for 2014

Jerry Yudelson, PE, LEED FEllow President, Green Building Initiative US, cites his top 10 megatrends for 2014 in an article in Retrofit Australia Vol 3 No 1 2014. He thinks the future os green buildings is bright. In short, the trends are:

1 Green building will continue its strong growth in 2014

2 There will be even faster growth in energy efficiency green building retrofits than new construction

3 The growth of retorfits will increasingly engage new technologies

4 Net zero energy buildings will become increasingly commonplace, in both residential and commercial sectors

5 Established green building ratin systems may see enhanced competition from less expensive and more nimble competitors

6 The focus will concinute to swtich from new building design and construction to greening existing buildings

7 Green buildings will increasingly be managed by information technologies, especially those in the cloud

8 Green building disclosure will continue as a major trend

9 The debate about healthy building products will become increasingly contentious

10 Solar power use in buildings will continue to grow

While none of these ideas are revolutionary, it is great to have them assembled together and noted. We will continue to work to and offer our clients leading solutions in many of these areas.

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