Visions and Pathways 2040

Fergal White and Caroline Pidcock joined more than 100 top designers, building and planning experts to put their minds together to conceptualise low carbon living cities of 2040, the precursor to considering how the dreams can become a reality.


Workshops recently took place in Melbourne and Sydney as part of a national series being held as part of the Visions and Pathways 2040 Project funded by the CRC for Low Carbon Living .

The project's objective is to engage key built environment stakeholders and the community to provide clear pathways towards designing new buildings, precincts and cities that are sustainable.

Overall 120 participants took part - 35 in Sydney and 75 in Melbourne.

The workshops were split into teams which then briefed design sub-groups who produced concepts for the cities, viewed from three scales: the experience of a resident; the nature and form of a community/precinct/suburb; and city-wide infrastructure.

While what was imagined varied widely, significant core visions emerged, in particular that de-centralised and more socially engaged precincts where people actively participate in government will create better energy efficiency, self-sufficiency and sustainability.


In Sydney this week, designers presented some of their visions for the future, with ideas spanning amazing new technological advances in building materials and communication technologies, as well as major changes to the way precincts and cities are planned and modes of transportation.

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