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We are very excited to announce that Pidcock - Architecture + Sustainability will be incorporating SEFAIRA Cloud-based Building Energy Performance software into our design process.

SEFAIRA is a web based sustainability analysis platform specifically built for the conceptual design stage of the design process.

In comparison to software packages such as ECOTECT and ECODESIGNER (ArchiCAD), SEFAIRA operates in real-time so you can actually track how your building is performing AS you design and allows for informed decisions to be made, by clients and architects, based on the ability to compare sketch design options under a multitude of headings. These include:

-       Heating and Cooling energy use

-       Total Energy Consumption

-       Water Use

-       Carbon Footprint

-       Potential for Renewables

The software comprises of two tools, the SEFAIRA Real-Time Plugin for SketchUp and the SEFAIRA Web App.

SEFAIRA Real-Time Plugin

All Stage 1 sketch designs can be imported into SketchUp and quickly modeled in 3d. As the SEFAIRA Plug-in is "Cloud-Based" it will give you a performance analysis of the building AS you model it.  This allows for a performance "feedback" arrangement as you design which is invaluable at the early stages of a project.



Uploaded sketch models can be assessed, compared and amended almost instantaneously with the "Cloud Based" SEFAIRA Web App. This is a really useful tool to generate reports on sketch designs which will inform the decision making process at the beginning of a project.


The potential for this tool is very exciting and will enable both ourselves and our clients to make informed environmental design decisions at the stage of the design project when it is most cost effective to do so.

To check out SEFAIRA software, click HERE.

Fergal White

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