TEDx Sydney 2014

TED is short for Technology, Entertainment and Design - ideas worth spreading. TEDxSydney is the biggest independently organised local event outside the mothership in California. Basically, 2300 people from all walks of life gather together at the Sydney Opera House to hear a range of people give "the talk of their lives", interspersed with amazing performances and great food.


Diverse, inspiring and exciting!

Highlights this year included a mum (Judy) and her 25 year old autistic son (Tim) who is the author of Laser Beak Man - http://www.laserbeakman.com/ Judy talked about how they moved beyond a diagnosis of extreme autism, with no ability to speak or love to a rich life of personal achievement. And Tim was able to tell everyone how much he enjoyed what he did and how much he loved his mum.

Mark Major, lighting designer, spoke about the beauty of darkness and its importance in complementing light. Barat Ali Batoor gave a first hand story of his escape from oppressors in his home countries and arrival in Australia as a refugee - giving a very moving account and personal face to the people involved in the refugee issue happening right now in Australia. Mary Jerrum, retired State Coroner of NSW, spoke of the difference between justice and vengeance and the importance of understanding what you are seeking in court. The talks were interspersed by incredibly talented musicians such as Black Arm Band and Linsey Pollak (who made and played a clarinet out of a carrot among other things). The food around the foyers and steps of the SOH Concert Hall was delicious, sustainable and sustaining!

For a full outline of what we experienced see the website.

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