Speed Date a Sustainability Expert

Thanks to Marrickville Council for hosting a very successful and enjoyable "Speed Date a Sustainability Expert" event last Saturday, March 29th. These events are proving to be great learning experiences for both public and expert.

The basic idea is that if you are looking for sustainable design advice for either a complete build, or part thereof, you take a look at the list of Sustainability Experts, see which one you need, and book yourself in for a 13 minute "Speed Date". Details for the Marrickville Council event can be found at this link. The event was completely free of charge.

This was my 2nd "Speed Dating" event and as always the variety of people, and their projects, never fails to amaze me. Over the course of 2.5 hours projects of all shapes, sizes and degree of detail are presented in front of you and discussed. Whilst in some cases you can actually solve the architectural puzzle in 13 minutes, there are other projects where you can only really direct someone in the appropriate direction by the time the bell goes. The feedback from anybody I was involved with was very positive.

Other councils could do worse than replicate this type of event. As someone said to me after our date, "This is such a fantastic idea". I think this has to be the most positive response I've ever got after a date of any kind!

Fergal White

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