Liveability guide to prefab and modular homes has released its guide to prefab and modular housing - a great compendium of an exciting way to build. &U is delighted to be included among a huge number of innovative groups.

As the website notes:

Prefabricated, or "prefab", means that parts of a home or whole homes are made off-site, and the building is either partly or fully assembled on-site. Prefab housing is currently at the forefront of design, with leading building companies incorporating sustainability, liveability and durability into their prefab homes. And many prefab housing companies are attracting some of the best and brightest architects and designers, who want to be part of this exciting way of producing better quality built environments for people, now and into the future.

The building industry takes a number of different approaches to prefabrication, with varying advantages and applicability for different projects. Here is an easy reference table to help you through some of the terminology you may encounter when looking into prefab homes.

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