Keynote speeches - Suzuki, McLennon + Hawkin

The keynote speakers for the 2013 Living Futures unConference were giants of the ecological movement - David Suzuki, Jason McLennon and Paul Hawkin. Without wapping notes, it seems they all had very similar messages abou the need to develop resilience through diversity, and embracing life in an encompassing and loving way. A positive and great way of moving forward in tricky times.

David Suzuki

Elders are free to speak the truth - and so they should about the state of the evnironment.

While we fought and won many fights in the 80s and 90s, it seems they were skirmishes... They have come back recently and been lost - with people hardly seeming to notice or care... Can be a bit depressing...

Resilience is really important, and diversity is key for its achievement. Regeneration is also key to our future - both ours and mother natures.
The way we treat the world reflects the way we see it. The last couple of hundred years has seen humans become more disconnected from nature - we have a biological need to be in nature, with creation, learning to understand and care for it.

We need to enshrine a healthy ecosystem into our constitutions so that we can create the new systems for change that we need.

Jason McLennon

Falling in love with life - resilience and regeneration = life.

Lots of projects are emerging from the Living Building Challenge showing how great sustainable buildings can be and the power they have for change.The power of transparency to create change is shown through what has happened with materials. Now we need to shine this onto the missing link - equity and social justice. We can't have an unjust living building. Announced JUST - a social justice label.

We need to focus on what is important to help things flourish. "Reconnecting to life on the planet is a prerequisite" and "technology cannot save us". We need intamcay for love and we need love to care.

Will cities save us? No, life will save us. We need to create and nurture cities that nurture life. A building is an invitation for life to happen.

Paul Hawken

If we don't know where we are, we don't know who we are.

The old world is running out of ideas, while the new world is coming to meetings like this! New ideas want to have sex and procreate - this conference is scandelous!

Working towards the future changes the present. There is so much information around, we need to regularly step back, refocus and rethink. We all frame the world in order to understand it.

How big are we? All people together would create a 935 m diameter sphere (no air) - not that big really. Instead of catastrophising the future - know that we can do it. Small things can have a huge effect - we need to appreciate small things.

Sounds are integral to ecosystems - we so easily and unknowingly disrupt and destroy ecosystems in this way.

The moment you stop damaging something - life starts to grow again and regenerate. Our cells are constantly regenerating and no one is in charge! "Life creates the conditions that are conducive to life".

We have failed, we are messy and unpredictable - who knows what will happen in the future? Are the crises happening TO us of FOR us? Perhaps the latter. We need to take ownership and transform the system. We need to rediscover the child like quality in ourselves, and allow this to make changes, be here and part of everything.

We need to find love - it is all encompassing and generous. We need to celebrate the kindness of strangers.

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