David Korten - a sacred story for our times

Change our story. Change our values. Change our future.

We have a need for meaning - our stories are no longer delivering this. We used to have a religious story that was replaced by a science story - their lack of current meaning has resulted in people trying to find satisfaction in money and consumption.

However, we are living beings on a sacred living earth. What does this mean? We have spent the last 5,000 years destroying nature - we need to rethink this now. "Any human activity is an opportunity to engage in positive and healthy interrelationship with life". Crises happen when "our story becomes inadequate for meeting the survival demands of a present situation".

Tell me your image of god and I will tell you your politics:
Distant Patriarch - anthropocentic, traditional patriarchal, someone else responsible for everything
Grand Machine - institutions of science, social darwinism, no agency + no meaning
Integral Spirit - part of nature, democratic, everything that exists is a manifestation of the spirit

How do we speed up change? How do we include all rather than separate into groups? David believes we are now at a time when such conversations can happen. The new story will be a song - the arts expand our consciousness.

Luxury and convenience are now the norm, which is killing the earth and insulating people from each other. Mindfulness is critical.

What do we do about tragedy? If the tragedy can be overcome, act with enthusiasm and energy. If the tragedy can't be overcome, leave it and move on. Don't be attached too something.

We need to talk less about the buildings and what they do - more about how the process has effected the people involved and the communities they sit in.

Perhaps not the sacred story - more the sacred conversation that finds ways to bring people in.

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