Indulging in Frank Lloyd Wright

We left New York for Pittsburgh, so we could make our pilgrimage to Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water and Kentuck Knob. It is a must see building for most architects that I had yet to get to. There are not many buildings one can honestly say exceed expectations - especially when they have been given such a wrap in the first place. Falling Water certainly did that. The location is specacular and the approach to where and how the house sits in this place is extraordinary. So too is the design, that ensures the occupants are totally immersed in the experience of the water fall, river and trees.

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One of the many amazing things is how the house was built from and on the rocks of the site. No tabla rasa here - rock outcrops have been carefully intetrated into the house. It is as though it has grown from the place. The steps down into the stream from the living room also ensure great cooling in the summer. The small pool to the side looks gorgeous, although I am not sure I am made of stern enough stuff to indulge in the very cool water!

130513 FLW FW 9 130513 FLW FW 10 130513 FLW FW 11

A very ambitious, and underdesigned, piece of early suspended conrcrete - the passion it has ignited in so many has ensured its ongoing care, rebuilding and maintenance. Without the extraordinary design talent embeded in this house, it would most probably have been let fail. I look forward to seeing great design applied to truly sustainable buildings so they can be delightful to be within and cherised for a long life.

130513 FLW FW 15

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