Vivid Light Festival

A Vivid Light Installation 2013

A collective of young, emerging architects and designers including our own Rhys Leitch, create their vivid festival installation, The Milky Way. The humble milk crate's importance and use throughout the ages as a practical container is used to create an expression of art, thought and experimentation, communicated through this motion-lit sculpture suspended by steel wire cables.
Milk crates a part of our culture as much as the auto mobile or the iPhone, but somehow they have become insignificant to our consciousness, consistent with most things humans lack interaction in.
The purpose of the entry is to illuminate Kendle Lane  and provide a spatial experience to the public with the neglected milk crate
The Sculpture is to be set suspended through the public alley, distributed by geometric pattern design and integrated with motion sensor lighting which will provide a unique interaction with the general public.

Keep an eye out for their engaging installation!

Vivid runs between 24th of May -10th of June

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Posted Friday, June 14, 2013 at 10:46:41 AM

I wish you included pictures for us to see the designs of lights made out of milk crates.

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