Oh the pains of moving - and the joys of good press!

Oh the pains of moving - and the joys of good press!

Even though we had done a lot of culling, there was more stuff than we had thought and the move was just as difficult as we had expected... However, the weather gods looked after us, releasing their torents minutes after we finished our work...! Turns out Friday 1 February is the feast day of St Brigid, the patron Saint of the church we now sit over.


The bad news is the phones have not made it yet... Many excuses about why not, and not much help in trying to fix the problem. We are onto it, bust ask anyone who wants to contact us to do so by email for now.


The good news is that our new place is gorgeous! Wonderulf light, lots of space, views to trees and beyond - and 1 minute walk from my home.


Also, a couple of media articles out today. Women's Agenda published "Five women set to disrupt their industries", which Fast Company thought was so good it copied in total. Please see at:





Should be an interesting year!

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