Listening to Caroline speak on Radio National yesterday afternoon (see Inspire > Media), I was reminded of the some of the main elements of sustainable house design.

As all of our clients would know there are many elements that make up sustainable design, however there is an over riding principle that the smaller the house, the smaller the footprint.

I think I am on to something here…
Just got to work out how to avoid parking tickets and make sure no one dumps garbage in your lounge…



AND you can still put a pony on top.


-Fiona Cook

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Bill Bunting
Posted Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 5:52:20 AM

I agree completely, Fiona. Compact living is an art, and a great pleasure. Some key needs are outlook and environemntal connection, however. My Dad spent a lot of years working on the 20th floor of Australia Square. I remember him coming home one evening and venting his frustration of working in airconditioned isolation and not being able to feel the rain, the wind or the freshness of the sunlight from one end of the day to the other.

On avoiding parking tickets here are a few technology threads to keep an eye on. 1.5 mins

It is important to not that the pixel has a battery only range of 85 klms.

This is the best analysis of this class of vehicle that I have found. 23.5 mins

This is an amazing development which will have a real impact for rural and science fields 2 mins 17 mins

but imagine hand launching Smart Bird from your compact living space window for a flight around your area, then playing the video of that trip on the full wall video screen to give you connection to the outside world.

Here is one more concept that I am particularly connected to

except in ferro cement and perhaps earth sheltered.

Kind regards

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