Pony on a Roof

Today I sat in on my first design review session with the architectural team here at Pidcock.

As the bookkeeper I am more often preoccupied with productivity, forecasting and payroll so it was a horizon shifting experience to sit in on this gathering. Everyone contributed - even me, though our clients may be relieved to know my pony-on-the-roof idea didn't get up.

What I found fascinating was how human focused the design process is: how is this building entrance going to make visitors feel upon arrival. I also loved the way the sites are worked over to find a solution that stays within client budget expectations and meets the sustainable objectives at the same time. All options are considered.

I love the way I am made to feel like part of a team (perhaps someone will tell me what is wrong with my pony-on-the-roof idea one day).



-Fiona Cook

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