Sydney Art + About 2011

My partner John McInerney and I have recently purchsed a 99 year lease on a terrace house located at 44 Argyle Place, Millers Point. We are very excited about being able to contribute to and live in this amzing part of Sydney.

This year's Art + About program has a project called "Unguarded Moments" which will be centred on Millers Point. We are delighted that there will be a screening of images in the front window of our new home. More intimate images of the area will be back projected into the 6 panelled window, which will be easily visible from the footpath. From the web site

"WHAT IF faces from the past were visible again, watching us in our streets and laneways? Sourced from archival documentary footage, intimate portraits of past residents and workers are projected onto the walls and buildings of Millers Point, capturing the fleeting nature of life and the dramatic changes that have occurred to this historic precinct.

Working closely with film archivists and the local community, creative studio Killanoodle, in collaboration with researcher and producer Sarah Barns, have sourced extraordinary portraits, accompanied by a fascinating blog. Wander through the area and then catch interviews with residents, oral histories and extended footage online

To see the projections begin at Abraham Mott Hall, walk down Kent Street towards Walsh Bay and Windmill Steps, then along Hickson Road towards Sydney Harbour Bridge, where you'll finish up at the roundabout near Pottinger Street.

As this project contains projections we recommend viewing after 5.00pm"

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