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Ride to Work Day - Oct 12th 2011

PIDCOCK - Architecture + Sustainability, being passionate supporters of cycling, the promotion of cycling in Sydney (and also free breakfasts) were in attendance at the "Ride-to-work" breakfast which took place in various locations around Australia on October 12th last.

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This is the only nationally recognised event of its kind which provides an opportunity for workplaces to celebrate riding to work and encourages employees that don't currently ride, to start. As a good number of our staff cycle into work on a regular basis anyway it provided a convenient opportunity to avail of the free bicycle maintenance and to grab a free coffee.

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With the prevalence of new "Greenstar" rated office buildings (with dedicated facilities for cyclists) as well as the established network of Sydney's cycle paths there is now an increasing number of people commuting to work by bicycle. As well as providing a daily "workout" commuting by bicycle means fewer cars on the road, less overcrowding on public transport and better air quality. Win-win.

-Fergal White

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