Portland – Meeting with Paddy Tillet, ZGF

Thanks to Rob Bennett, we were able to meet with Paddy Tillet in the ZGF offices which occupy levels 2 - 5 of a new city building they designed and have a stake in. It is easy to see its 4 wind turbines on its roof from many points around the city.

Paddy is originally from England and came here when light rail came back in the 80's. the firm needed an architect with experience in this area, and he has stayed on since the. He is now more involved with downtown revitalization in various cities around the USA (such as 16th Street in Denver). He also masterplans universities where he enjoys working with intelligent and enlightened clients who can see the value of taking good long term decisions.

The practice is very involved in delivering LEED outcomes - which does not always end with the expensive certification for what has been successfully delivered. The practice starts each project with a sustainability charette, where all participants are invited to develop a range of ideas and then vote on the ones that will deliver the best bang for the buck.

ZGF, along with many other architects in Portland, have based their practices on delivering sustainable outcomes and are regarded as some of the best in the country.

We were then shown around the building which has some really delightful and interesting features. Open plan layout, displacement air, chilled beams, window edge heating, high performance glazing (that has some openable sashes) and manually operated window dressings help deliver great thermal performance.

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