Sustainable Transportation Decisions

By Rhys Stafford Leitch

About a month ago I was looking at buying a mode of transportation, knowing that cars are obviously not the most sustainable option I decided to put in a little bit of research (and utilise it for a University essay) on the affect of transportation on Australia's Green House Gas emissions.


We are all aware that the earth's climate is changing as a result of the way we live and it is changing at a rate that none of us could have imagined. The accelerated change is largely a result of greenhouse gas emissions from the 6 sectors of the built environment; transportation, agriculture, construction, industry, forestry and power generation. Transportation is the 3rd largest contributor to Australia's GHG emissions at 13% and passenger cars account for around 7.8 % of Australia's total national emissions per annum.

The result of this research was, get a motorcycle - at least its not a car!

To further reassure my carbon concerned colleagues on why a motorcycle was the appropriate choice (and convince my mother it was the only option!), I continued my research into how motorcycles and cars compare on the GHG emission scale. I found that motorcycles emit approximately (depending on the bike) one third less ghg per kilometre travelled than the average petrol car. It is also important to note that motorcycles consume between 55% and 81% less fuel than cars on the same journey and also require fewer resources to manufacture.

Equipped with my new knowledge, I went ahead and purchased Sophia, pictured bellow she is a Hysoung GT250 V-twin DOHC that complies with the Euro 3 emissions standards. A recent study compared Euro4 cars with Euro3 motorcycles and found that not only to the motorcycles use less fuel and therefore emit less CO2 emissions than small urban cars, but also emit less 95% GHG than that of 4 wheel petrol vehicles on the market.

Sophia suits my inner city living lifestyle, my budget and reduces my carbon footprint. For those who are interested in going totally green on motorcycle transportation, I suggest you check out the 'Zero S Electric Motorcycle'!


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