Dumbo feather, pass it on

By Alanna King

I've been telling lots of people recently about Dumbo feather, a great little quarterly journal I've been reading occasionally for many years, and in a more dedicated way over the last year. Each issue profiles, through frank and engaging interviews, five inspiring individuals, who are living out their dreams. The dreams are diverse, about charities, festivals, schools, communities, the environment, food, design, photography, whatever. And the stories are focused on how these people got to be doing what they're doing. Who and what inspired them, and most importantly, how they got the courage to make the leap. It's exciting. Check it out at http://dumbofeather.com/ or you might even find it at your local newsagent, if it's that kind of place… pass it on.

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Joe Karten
Posted Friday, January 7, 2011 at 12:05:20 PM

I agree that this is an excellent journal. I read an article about the Green School in Bali and was inspired to visit the school in person when I recently visited the country. It's an incredible project and campus. Here's the website: http://www.greenschool.org/

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