The journey to Europe

It is always a relief getting onto a plane to travel. The computer and phone have to be turned off and you have to accept that all that you could have done has been, and anything that hasn't couldn't. With the internet, this is sadly only for the moment!

After a celebratory glass of wine and lunch we settled in for a couple of movies. As we have been to none for some time, nearly all on offer were new to me. I selected Julie/Julia to watch, as I am really getting into food and its preparation. Her blogging and how this works was a great bonus - very inspiring to one commencing on a similar journey.

We stopped in Hon Kong. When initially booked we were pleased to find that the Qantas flight to Rome goes via HK with a 6 hour stop over. I had hoped that this would allow us to visit my sister and her family who have recently moved there - sadly as things worked out they were in Sydney. Instead we got the fast train to Kowloon and taxi to the Langham Place Hotel where Giovanni Pugliano is the Executive Sous Chef. Giovanni is the son of Joe, who is a driver and fixer of all at the City of Sydney. We had some lovely wine and oysters, and a walk around the closing food or wet markets and seemingly endless and eternal "ladies" markets nearby.

The level of density in living in HK is truly astounding…. So many high rise apartments with so many people - the prospect of the systems that must be required to get fresh food and clean water in, and sewerage and waste out, <strong><em>every day, </em></strong>is truly daunting.

So back to the plane, a few more movies and travel to Europe!

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