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2017 sees PIDCOCK celebrate 25 years of practice and we are thrilled to be able to rejoice in this significant milestone.

As I look back over what has been achieved since I started Caroline Pidcock Design in 1992, I feel such an enormous sense of gratitude and appreciation to each and every one of you!

To the amazing people – clients, staff, consultants and builders – who have enabled us to realise a huge range of exciting projects, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks. It has also been a joy to have the opportunity over these years to share my experiences through teaching, media, talks, juries/panels and Boards.

It has been a wonderful journey with so much that has been learnt, shared and enjoyed.

I am proud and delighted to inform you that 2017 is also a milestone year for another reason.

As a sole director, I have had an opportunity to reflect over these exciting 25 years of practice, and this has allowed me the privilege to envisage what the next stage will be. I believe it is important to be able to re-create a personal and professional vision for the future and to keep aligning to your joy. 

Therefore, on this high note, I have decided to bring the “formal design practice” stage of my creative work to a close. PIDCOCK – Architecture + Sustainability and the team will be transitioning to a close by the end of 2017 with the completion of our current projects. On this basis, Fergal White and I will be working closely with all our current clients. 

So, 2018 will mark the beginning of an exciting new evolution. I will be “slowing down” to give myself the freedom to “speed up”!

Leaving a formal practice behind enables the creation of a leaner, lighter and more flexible vehicle for me to explore a range of wonderful new opportunities

  • Public speaking and writing
  • Tutoring and curriculum development in sustainable design
  • Advisory panels - strategic design
  • Juries - competition and awards
  • Board positions in a variety of organisations and businesses
  • Collaborations with other architects, consultants and builders

And to more effectively and mindfully respond to the changing needs of our world through a personal focus on:

  • Integrated and biophilic design practices
  • Sustainable and affordable approaches to housing such as co-housing
  • Prefabrication and its wide range of options

I look forward to maintaining contact with you and please, reach out if any of these areas align with you too.