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As we hurtle towards Christmas, we are wondering - where did 2013 go? And what a year it was… So many things happening and so many changes. As with so many things in life, what might initially look unfavourable, can be the thing that creates space for something better to happen…!

We would like to start by thanking our wonderful clients who but their trust in us and empower us to do our best. Making good work happen also relies on strong collaborative relationships with other consultants and builders - thanks to the many we have enjoyed working with this year.

We will be closing our doors on Friday 20 December at 1pm, and returning on Monday 13 January 2014, after a good break. We hope that you too will have time to relax and contemplate the year just finished and what opportunities lie ahead. We wish you a positive and restorative festive season, and a very happy new year.

Thanks to Sarah Wigglesworth in London for this great xmas idea!


Inspire - Awards

We were very pleased to have Mosman Apartments as a Finalist in the Timber Design Awards and Sutherland Residence as a Finalist in the BPN Sustainability Awards.

Inspire - Juries/Panels, Talks

Another busy year, finishing off with Caroline participating in a Roundtable at Government House, Canberra, Green magazine talk and a "By Design" panel.

Create - Projects

2013 has seen the exciting completion of many projects - we hope our clients enjoy the fruits of their labour. We aim to photograph them for the website in 2014.

Create - House of Parts

Caroline and David Pidcock's company Origination, with strong funding support, is now able to commercialise the innovative House of Parts modular building system!

Empower - Place

PIDCOCK relocated at the beginning of February to our new offices above St Brigid's church, in Millers Point. We are loving being in this part of town - please visit!

Empower - People

"You say goodbye, and I say hello"... A year of changing staff for many different reasons. Thanks to all who have been here and contributed so much to our studio!

Empower - People (Kathy)

Kathy (and her husband Dave) are very excited to be adopting Andres! We wish Kathy all the best as she embarks on her new role as mother, taking maternity leave in 2014.

Empower - People (Fergal)

Fergal has finally completed his Masters in Environmental Design, Cardiff (yay!) and welcomed beautiful Hannah, a little sister for Cormac, to the family.