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Where to in the future? With so little interest in climate change in the face of increasing and definitive evidence of its impending impacts, we are concerned about how we can positively deal with these and other critical social issues. However, we remain optimistic that the people who really care about a fair and prosperous future for all will remain active and effective as we move forward. As Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

We look forward to working with you as this and the next year progresses! If you are interested, you can keep in touch with us through Facebook and Linkedin which we will be using more this year.


(A photo of College Glaciers from Caroline's trip via the inside passage to Alaska in May this year!)

Blog - Dinner with Kevin McCleod!

Caroline will be dining with Kevin McCleod and Porran Desai at Mike Hill and Lorna Pitt's wonderful Westwyck Ecovillage at the end of October.

Inspire - Grand Designs Home Show

Caroline will be giving 2 talks at the Grand Designs Sydney Home Show on ideas about how to create a positive future with your home..

Inspire - 1 million women Power Summit

Caroline will be headlining in the 1 Million Women FREE Women Power Summit on 30 October -  to show how everyday energy reductions can save money and our planet

Inspire - Sydney Architecture Festival

Caroline will be one of the panel of experts who will reveal the value of preserving our heritage homes at a talk at Parramatta in the Architecture Festival.

Collaborate - LFIA AGM + tour of SBRC

The LFIA's first AGM will be held at the Sustainable Building Research Centre, University of Wollongong on Saturday 09/11/13 from 10am-3pm - join Amanda Sturgeon, VP ILFI Seatlle.

Create - lots of projects starting, continuing + finishing

2013 has seen many new projects commence, many continue and a number complete. Particular thanks to all our clients who place their trust in us, and our consultants and builders.

Inspire - 2013 Marion Mahony Griffin talk

In August this year, Caroline was asked to give the prestigious Marion Mahony Griffin talk as part of the Canberra Centennary celebrations.

Inspire - Timber and BNP Awards for projects

Mosman Apartments were a finalist for the 2013 Timber Design Awards and Sutherland Residence is a finalist for the 2013 PBN Sustainability Awards.

Collaborate - Carriageworks to announce 2014 program

Carriageworks will announce its program for 2014 on 12 November, building on an amazing year that enjoyed great performances and attendances twice 2013.

Empower - lots happening with people at PIDCOCK

Kathy has been renovating, Fergal welcomed a new baby Hannah into the family, we said goodbye to Rhys, Maria and Toby and welcomed Camellia, Phyllis, Andrew + Jill.