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As we move quickly through 2011, we thought we would update you on the developments we are experiencing here at PIDCOCK.

In March 2011, the Insurance Council Australia, in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Architects, called "upon the community to develop and submit resilient housing design concepts that incorporate inherent protection, through design and material selection, for the building envelope and its contents, from flood, hail, extreme rainfall, fire and windstorm."

Resilient House Bluescope

Resilient House HOP








We lodged two entries - one partnering with Bluescope Steel exploring the design potential of many of its products, and one demonstrating the attributes of the House of Parts (HOP) system we have been developing. I am delighted to announce that the Bluescope entry WON, while the HOP entry came third. As we believe resilience and durability are important attributes of good sustainable design, we are delighted.

We have lots of news regarding other research, projects, people and media - we hope you enjoy catching up with it all!

Inspire - Bluescope + PIDCOCK team win!

Bluescope Steel asked Pidcock to work with them to prepare an entry highlighting an innovative new composite steel and concrete walling system they have been developing.

Inspire - House of Parts entry third!

PIDCOCK, with input from David Pidcock, prepared a House of Parts submission, to demonstrate the exceptional qualities of this innovative building system we are developing.

Inspire - Caroline completes her BHTS report!

After travelling to Europe and north-west America, Caroline has finalised her report on "The architecture of (net) zero emissions housing".

Inspire - Wide ranging media coverage + talks

We have enjoyed wide ranging media coverage this year and Caroline continues to deliver talks on the work of the practice and her research.

Create - Lots of new projects!

Adding to a great portfolio of current clients and projects, we are very happy that many new clients have asked us to help them with their homes.

Empower - People movement at PIDCOCK

As Heraclitus of Ephesus said, there is nothing permanent except change.... A few changes in the line up of people at PIDCOCK.